Manufacturers' Representatives

Manufacturers' Representatives


Cutler Industrial Sales is a Manufacturers' Representative Company, promoting manufacturers' products in the specialty tools & supplies, machine shop and metalworking industries in the Northeastern United States. Each member of the Cutler Sales Team has many years of experience using these products in day to day work environments, enabling our Sales Reps to call on their own hands-on experiences as a frame of reference for assisting both customers and end-users.


This solid industry base is the fundamental building block for Cutler's successful representation of manufacturers of specialty tools, machine tools and cutting tools, welding and shop supplies, paints and other industrial consumables and accessories. Cutler also stocks selected products in our own warehouse facility to expedite shipping to our distributor customers.


Cutler customers encompass a wide variety of industrial applications, including all types of Machinery and Manufacturing Operations and Construction Contractors.


Cutler Industrial Sales was founded in 1981. Bob Cutler, a Certified Professional Manufacturer’s Representative, was formerly the President of the North American Industrial Representatives Organization. Our main office is staffed by experts who have been with Cutler Sales for decades.


Our long history of success comes from experience in the field, conducting hands-on training, and working with technically-savvy salespeople and highly trained employees to rapidly and effectively respond to our customer’s needs and effectively promote their products.


Cutler Industrial Sales is affiliated with STAFDA (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Associations), ISA (Industrial Supply Organization) and MANA (Manufacturer's Agents National Association).





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